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Concrete Countertops

Are Concrete Countertops for me?

Concrete tops do require some attention. The mix design, finishing technique and sealing process create different maintenance requirements. One requirement might not suit your needs while another is a great fit. Concrete Tops are unique. No two are ever the same. They have an organic feel which mimics the beauty of nature. Most people either love them or hate them.

How are they built?

There are two basic methods, Precast and Cast in Place. Rather than trying to determine which method you think is best, pick out a style. Style and design always dictate the method and style of manufacture.

Can Concrete Tops be built for outdoor kitchens?

Yes. Concrete Tops look great and function well in outdoor kitchens.

Are they heavy?

Yes. Granite weighs approximately 19 pounds per SqFt at 3cm thick. Concrete Tops weigh between 22-25 pounds for the same size and thickness.

Will my cabinets support the weight?

Most often a store bought or custom made cabinet will easily support the weight of Concrete Tops.

What about colors and sealers?

There are more ways to color a top than there are days to explain them all. Generally one of three options will work. They are a stain, dye or integral color. Sealers are usually chosen based on manufacturing methods and the intended usage.

Can custom elements be added?

Certainly. We have embedded stainless steel names, seeded different aggregates but most popular are our Fiber Optic Tops. We have even dyed zebra stripes into a top.

How much to Concrete Tops cost?

As a general rule we can manufacture and install Tops between the range of $40 -$75 per square foot.