Polished Concrete

What are the benefits of Polished Concrete?

The benefits are numerous, ranging from being cost effective with simple maintenance duties to complex designs and meeting ambient light requirements. Polishing concreter strengthens the surface of concrete. Impact and abrasion resistance is increased adding years of life to your concrete floor.

Stain resistance is a great benefit. By densifying and using a guard product on your polished surface, the floor is more dense, harder and can even repel water, oils, and other contaminants. Click through the rest of the questions for more specific answers.

More benefits of Polished Concrete

Improved Reflectivity and Ambient Lighting. Polished concrete reflects light well enough to decrease your energy bill. More ambient light equals less energy needed.

Increased Slip Resistance. When people are introduced to Polished Concrete for the first time, the general consensus is, “It must be slippery”! In fact, the opposite is true. Polished Concrete actually increases your floors Slip Resistance when compared to ordinary steel troweled concrete. Often times Polished Concrete will exceed OSHA standards for slip resistance.

LEED point friendly. Being Polished concrete is a LEEDs friendly product. By mechanically polishing the existing concrete surface, we eliminate the need for additional toxic coverings, waxes, stripping and coating materials to be manufactured and purchased. The process is odorless, virtually dustless and no harmful chemicals are used.

Cost effective, Easy Maintenance and Beautiful

Installing Polished Concrete costs less than most floor coverings and/or coatings. Where coverings and coatings fail due to delamination, structural movement, wear and staining, a polished floor cannot delaminate, wears extremely well and is unaffected by a buildings movement.

Maintaining a Polished Concrete floor. With a flatter and more level surface, less effort is required to maintain it. Daily maintenance consists of thoroughly dust mopping to remove grit and debris. Then a simple mop with clean water takes care of daily maintenance. There products available to assist in cleaning which were developed and targeted at maintaining polished floors. Occasionally, as needed, a guard product may be reapplied. By using diamond impregnated polishing pads on high speed burnishers, you will help maintain the floors reflectivity and increase its durability.

What does a Polished Concrete floor look like? If you are considering a polished surface for the first time, I have good news. You can determine how much shine. You can pick a color. You can choose designs, logos and stripes. Natural gray concrete is also a very pretty polished surface. Check our galleries for pictures of work.