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Stained Concrete

How do you Acid Stain Concrete?

Acid Staining is a process which uses a specific stain or dye to permanently color your concrete. Stains are used outdoors. We use Dyes inside. The process for each is similar. Clean, clean, clean, apply the proper amount of coloring, neutralize and clean, clean, clean. Sealers are included in our process. We use different sealers for different projects. Choosing the right sealer can make or break a project.

What is the difference between an Acid and a Dye?

Acid Stains are very specific amounts of metallic salts suspended in hydrochloric acid solution. They chemically react to the calcium hydroxide present in your concrete. Different finishing techniques cause different reactions. Stains are translucent and show off the natural variations in concrete. Dyes are more finely ground pigments delivered by an evaporative carrier. They are more consistent than acids because there is no chemical reaction. Dyes are very stable indoors yet they tend to fade over time when exposed to constant sunlight. Dyes also give you more control when choosing a specific color.

What can be stained or dyed?

Any piece of concrete can be stained or dyed. This does not mean all concrete will look good however. Interior floors in new construction are ideal candidates to make beautiful dyed floors. As well exterior concrete whether broom finished or stamped with a pattern can be stained to look good. The more worn a piece of concrete, the less variegation it will produce when stained.

Is staining concrete a good DIY project?

We have seen some excellent DIY stained concrete. They are few and far between, but it does happen. We fix 5-6 DIY disasters a year. It is not the actual work involved which creates the problem. If you have never stained before, you don\’t know when to do what to achieve the look you desire. Are you capable of the work? Yes. Do you have the eye and the talent to make it beautiful? You have to answer that question yourself.

What colors are available?

On our Resources page you will find a Sedona Acid Stain Color Chart. This is our exterior staining chart. Also you will find a Dye N Seal Color Chart. This is our interior dye chart.

How much does Acid Staining cost?

There is a range depending on many variables. Generally the range is $3.50 -$4.00 a square foot.