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Stamped Concrete

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped Concrete is also called patterned concrete. It is any concrete which is finished with a process which imprints or stamps a pattern into new concrete. These can be seamless textures or repeating patterns like a cobblestone. Most stamped concrete is colored during the process of pouring. Some however prefer the look of a nice Acid Stain on their stamped concrete.

What patterns are available?

Concrete FtSmith has 9 patterns. They are Italian Slate, Vegas Stone, Cobblestone, Random Rock, Garden Stone, Wood Plank, Grand Ashlar Slate and custom scoring.

What Colors can be used?

Check out our Resources page. There you will find a BrickForm Color Chart and a Sedona Acid Stain Color Chart. The Brickform Color Chart contains both Color Hardener and Release Agent colors. A color hardener is a primary color which is troweled into the concrete. A Release Agent is a powder used allowing our stamps to make impressions without sticking and giving your concrete a secondary or accent color. Acid Stains are used after the concrete has been poured and is cured.

Where can Stamped Concrete be used?

As a general rule, any new concrete can be stamped as it is being finished. The answer to the question is virtually anywhere you can pour flat concrete. There are limitations, but not many. We have poured and stamped walls, driveways, sidewalks, pools decks, patios, entire house floors, wall caps, second story porches and more.

How much does Stamped Concrete cost?

This question is like asking \”How much does a car cost\”? We can answer it but there are many variables. Most projects will cost between $8 – $14 a square foot. The range is dependent on access, work site restrictions, complexity of design, size, etc. Coloring techniques can also change the price. This price range includes basic grading on flat ground, forming, 4\” of 3,500 psi concrete, easy access with a truck, colors, stamping and sealers. Situations which can increase the cost are limited accessability, difficult or tight working conditions, steep grades, excavation, demolition, subgrade work, etc.

What is our experience level?

We have a combined experience of 25+ years. We have completed projects for your neighbors back porch up to and including State, Federal and international industrial companies. We are licensed Arkansas contractors. We are bonded and insured.

Does Stamped Concrete have a warranty?

Yes. We extend a One Year warranty on our workmanship. If our workmanship fails, we will generally know it within one full turn of the seasons. Maintenance is the responsibility of the projects owner.