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Surface Preparation

What exactly is Surface Preparation?
Concrete Surface Preparation is any process which prepares the concrete for a coating, floor covering by mechanically or chemically removing existing contaminants.
What are the processes?
We offer three basic services. Grinding, shotblasting or abrading, and scraping. These services can be used in tandem as well as utilizing chemicals. Each process creates a unique profile. The needs of the next coating or covering dictate the process needed to achieve the necessary profile.
How does Shotblasting work?
Shot is a media which blasted at the concrete surface and recovered by machines built to perform this specific task. The shot abrades the concrete to remove and/or create specific profiles. We can work in small tight quarters and in large industrial settings.
How does Scraping work?
Scraping is a unique process in which ride on machines use head pressure and industrial blades to scrape contaminants from flat concrete. Scraping is very effective in removing existing floor coverings.
How does Grinding work?
Concrete grinding uses large industrial machines to grind or cut the top layer of concrete. Using industrial grade diamonds, these machines are capable of removing coatings and flattening floors.
Reasons for Surface Preparation.
Many floor covering and coatings manufacturers have specific requirements regarding the condition of a concrete floor their products are installed over. Epoxies and polyaspartics generally require a unique profile created by shotblasting. Flooring adhesives need to bond a structurally sound substrate. If a bond breaker, an existing failed or worn coating exists, it may need to be ground, scraped or blasted. If a floor is not flat enough to accept a covering, it can be ground to achieve a specific flatness.
How much does it cost?
These situations are so unique to themselves it is impossible to establish a range. Please call with your specific needs and we will gladly quote you a cost.